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Making of weapons - Blucina sword

Final photos you can see in section weapons: Germanic gold hilt spatha (117) with pattern-welded blade and text "Sword from Blucina".

In the year 1953 was found by dr. Karel Tihelka in Blucina near Brno (Czech republic) a tomb of a unknown germanic king from the end of 5th. century AC, it was one from the greates archeogical record from the migration period in the Europe. In this tomb was found long spatha sword, short sax, many jewelleries, a bow with arrowes and glass bottles. This record is now in Moravian regional museum in Brno.

situation in the tomb by J. Tejral
the reconstruction of the look of Blucina king by Pavel Dvorský
the studying of the original sword in Moravian regional museum in autmn 2004
damast rodsdamast rods
damast rods before the welding
the bladethe blade
the blade before the welding of edges
the bladethe blade
the blade after the welding of edges
the tangthe tang
the tang is welded from soft iron
the scabbardthe scabbard
the making of the scabbard fitting
garnet eyegarnet eye
the grinding of the garnet eye for dragon head
parts of hiltparts of hilt
parts of hilt from plates with wood core before the peening
detail of the tangdetail of the tang
peening of the tang
discussion above finished sworddiscussion above finished sword
discussion above finished sword - author and excollegue of dr. Karel Tihelka, Ruzena Bartova (*1913)

Author thanks to staff of the Moravian regional museum in Brno for their help, the most to Mr. PhDr. L. Galuska, CSc.

replicas of historical arms