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Making of weapons - decoration


INLAYING [inlaying] process of ornamenting a surface by setting into it material of different color or substance, usually in such a manner as to preserve a continuous plane. Inlay is employed in connection with a great variety of objects, both of major architectural character and of minor furnishing and decorative function, and makes use of a wide range of materials, such as wood, stone, ivory, glass, metal, mother-of-pearl, and tortoiseshell. The art is of ancient origin and has been continuously and widely employed. The use of the word inlay is now more generally restricted to the true process as applied to furniture and other objects of wood and as distinguished from parquetry and the veneered work of marquetry . For stone or glass inlays, see mosaic ; for metals, see niello and damascening ; and for special wood inlays, see intarsia.
Author not available, INLAYING., The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2006

smelted silversmelted silver
smelted silver
the making of silver drĂĄtuthe making of silver plate
the making of silver plate
the making of silver wiresilver wire
the making of silver wire
the making of groove for inlaygroove for inlay
the making of groove for inlay
the inlaying of the wiresthe inlaying of the wires
the inlaying of the wires
final inlayfinal inlay
final inlay

making of engravings

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making of engravingsmaking of engravings
making of engravings

filigree work

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before the solderingbefore the soldering
>after the soldering, before polishingafter the soldering, before polishing
final decoration of hiltfinal decoration of hilt - Sword (115)

cloisonne work

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pommel before the solderigpommel before the solderig
pommel after the solderigpommel after the solderig
garnets-raw materialgarnets-raw material
grinded stonesgrinded stones
finished pommelfinished pommel - Sword (115)
replicas of historical arms