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Texts - Riding spur (abstract)

Summary: A 9th.century riding spur in the view of blacksmith


Patrick Barta made a replica of a riding spur of Prušánky type from medieval cemetery in Divaky(CZ), grave 163(photo 2). The Divaky spur isnt very exacting product of blacksmithing(see making process-fig 1) except making of plates on ends of spur-legs. These plates were probably drilled and than  put together by  small iron rivets to  the spur-legs(fig.3). "ecause the ownership  of small gimlet for drilling of iron was in early middleage certainly  rare, so there is probable, that the maker wasnt a ordinary smith, but  a specialist. Two spurs need 320 g of soft iron and 15 hours of smith-work. It appears, that spurs were common and no very expensive goods.Anyway in overall charges for riding horse was certainly a amount for spurs only trivial part.

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BÁRTA Patrick, Ostruha z 9. Století z Divák pohledem kováře. Hradec Králové 2010. Živá archeologie 11/2010, str. 136-137, ISSN 1213-1628

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