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Smithy - Patrick Barta and contact

Patrick Bárta

This is a catalogue of Patrick Bárta, swordsmith, specialized in repliques of European swords up to the 9th century. Since 1995, he cooperates with many Czech and foreign museums, academic institutions. On occasion, he gives invited lectures at Masaryk universitiy. His credo is maximal quality of his works and the use of exclusively traditional procedures when making the swords.

Patrick Bárta was born in 1971, he finished grammar school in 1989. He became a profession swordsmith in 1992. Between 1993 and 1995 he studied at the School of artcrafts (Brno, Czech Republic).

He started his smithy together with Pavel Řiháček, they broke up in 1997. Patrik stayed at his native place and has specialized in European arms, Pavel moved to an ancient mill on Želetavka river near Jemnice and focused on Japanese weapons.

In 2004, Patrick has built his own smithy, for which he renovated ancient machinery and manufactured his own tools. In 2009, he began to study Restoration - Conservation at the Department od Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, where he finish in year 2012 bachelor and in year 2015 master study programme. Since 2018, he works also as restorator/conservator of metal at the The Institute of Archaeology in Brno, Czech Academy of Sciences

Remember, please, that this catalogue shows only some of the arms manufactured by Patrick Bárta.

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